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A word from theCantoneselanguage that is pronounced as la. This word is often (not always) used in every day conversations at the end of sentences. Usually Cantonese speakers also use this la word on online chat even when they are talking in English. The purpose is just tojuice uptheir sentences and to make their sentences sound more Chinese. Id like to point out again that not ALL sentences (English and Cantonese) can end with la. Sometimes people spell the word as lar instead of la, but both mean the same thing. There are also lor, meh, gabor, etc., that can also be put at the end of certain sentences.

A: Im leavingsoon la.

B: Whyso soonah? Dinner wont end in another 2 hours gawor.

A: I have another dinner that I need to attend to ah ma.

which can be added afterevery singlesentence

That will bring us back to do-o-o-o-do...

specifically marijuana of highpotencyandquality

that la la lai be smoking, be getting me right i belokinthem bullshit trees you be smokin barely give youa buzz, me i get hiiiggh-50 cent

A word that usually ends almost every sentence that one can ever says. Usually used byChineseespecially Malaysians,Singaporeansand someIndonesians.

A word used my Filipino andMalaysianplayers ofRagnarok Onlinewhen asking forzeny. Usually said with horrid english ually followed by a ton of question marks. Few of these players from those contries have perfect english, those few rock.

Player:can u gib mezenypls la?

Player:ZENYPLS LA????????

a stupid ass word used by kids from Singapore. When you ask them they will say it does not mean anything and is added at the end of the sentence because they are from SG.

When in reality this word was originally used to make a sentence sound more Chinese. Therefore we can alldeducethat allSingaporeankids who use this word areWinese(Chinese Wannabes), and are thus ignorant of the real meaning of the most common word in their limited vocabulary.

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